Quick Threat Hunting

In a security incident, time is everything. ThreatSniper speeds up the initial investigation process by presenting the analyst with a wealth of relevant information in a streamlined, time-saving layout, rather than having to use the following tools and features separately:

● Task manager
● Netstat
● VirusTotal lookups (for both files and IP addresses)
● Whois
● Smart hostname lookups
● Air-gapped mode: use any smartphone to perform real-time malware checks on an air-gapped / offline machine

For personal or academic use
Permanent license available upon

For commercial use
Imphash support
Single payment
Free updates

59.99 (+ VAT where applicable)

Note: Enjoy the early-bird discount!

Getting started

No installation needed! Just unzip to any folder, and launch. If investigating an active incident, press "Disconnect all interfaces" to immediately go offline.


Client: Windows 8.1 or later
Server: Windows 2012 or later

Note: Admin rights are not required.


ThreatSniper was specifically designed to operate without leaking any sensitive information. When querying online services, only file hashes are submitted.

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