Amphora    The dead-easy, portable Youtube downloader

Amphora is a tiny (90 KB!) youtube-dl front-end written in native Windows API.

It provides an extremely simple and convenient way to search Youtube and download content either as audio (M4A) or video (MP4). All content is fetched directly from YouTube - no shady third-party services are ever used.


Quick start

No installation needed! Just unzip to any folder, and launch.
Then press Ctrl+H to get going.


● Requirements: Windows 7 (x64) or later, 10MB disk space.
● Mac and Linux versions coming soon.
● Amphora
is free for use. If you can, please donate to keep the project alive!
● Use responsibly. Do not use as a copyright infringement tool.
● Amphora contains no adware or malware of any sort.
● Powered by the
youtube-dl engine.